August 23, 2016

So Pretty

I've been wanting to share this quilt for a while and give a shout out to Jane who continues to inspire me!  

Jane is 90.  I know...can you believe it?  

I told her daughter Mary i really wanted to quilt something special on this one.
I started with a sketch...ha ha...pretty rough, but it gave me a direction.

Here's the cute back!
Thank you Jane!  Looking forward to your next quilt!
~karen  :)

I'd love to quilt for you!  Click on 'Why Me?' for details.  

August 11, 2016

Step Saving Quilting Tips! How to make Corner Tri's and Half Square Triangles

Many of you know how to make corner triangles and half square triangles. I'm re-sharing these methods because i use them in many of my patterns, like in this new pattern called 'And So It Crows'

....i also have a step saving tip! on.  :)

Corner triangles are simple.  Take a fabric square and lay it right sides together in the corner of another larger fabric square or rectangle.

In the photo below, i finger pressed to create a diagonal line on the wrong side of my 'corner triangle' square.  Placing it right sides together with the larger square underneath, i stitch directly on the pressed line.

Flip it over so the right side is showing and press.  Voila!  I now have a Corner Triangle!

Couple thoughts to consider with corner tri's:  
1. I use Aurifil 50wt thread.  It's thin and the fabric folds over it nicely.
2. If you are using a 40wt thread, stitch just a smidge to the side of the pressed line so that fabric can fold over the thread.
3. When i create small corner triangles, 1-1/2" or smaller, i do not trim the excess fabric underneath.

Learn this trick i use in my 'soon to be released' quilt pattern...yet to be named...

In this new pattern,  I'm creating a corner triangle using a square and a rectangle.
I've drawn a diagonal line corner to corner (this time i'm not finger pressing, I find drawing the line to be more accurate for a larger size square)

Then...I draw a second line, 1/4 " away.

I love to chain piece; one right after the other without breaking the stitch.  Sewing on the drawn line first to create those 'corner triangles'.

I run the same units through my sewing machine again...this time stitching 1/4" AWAY from the second drawn line.

Do you see where i'm going with this?

Make a cut through the line that has no stitching, and separate this unit into 2 pieces.

Looky here!  I've created not only a corner triangle onto my rectangle... but a half square triangle too!
*In my upcoming pattern...i use this method a lot!

Need to know how to just make half square triangles?

Cut 2 fabric squares the same size.   Draw (or finger press) a diagonal line (corner to corner) on the wrong side of one square and place it right sides together on top of the second square. 

Stitch a 1/4" on either side of the drawn line and cut apart.

This will yield 2 half square triangles.

Determine the desired hst and trim by placing a 45 degree line on top of the seam line
Trim one side...

Rotate the hst 180 degrees.  Re-position the 45 degree line on top of the diagonal seam and align the sides with the desired size.  
The block below is trimmed to  1-1/2".

 Super simple!

My recent patterns; 'Redwing Blackbirds' & 'And So It Crows' uses some of these methods...

You can find both these pattern on Craftsy, Etsy and now directly on my blog
Find the 'Add to Cart' buttons on the right side of my blog.... You'll find all my patterns available there on drop down menus.
If you purchase through my blog...unlike Craftsy and Etsy, it is not available instantly.  I will email you the pattern and will do so within a day or 2....if not sooner.  

Thank you all who have supported my patterns! I truly appreciate you!

August 9, 2016

Summer Crush....turns: And So It Crows!

Originally coined 'Summer Crush'...
somewhere along the stitching lines, the new title 'And So It Crows' kept whistling in my ear!

Sunflowers are in bloom and this quilt just sings late summer and Fall, don't you think?

Don't fret about all those Half Square'll be using the Magic 8 method!  Quick and ezpz!!

Once you make one sunflower and one just repeat the process!  

Finished size measures 40" x 50"
Perfect wall hanging or display on a quilt ladder. 
And big enough to throw over your lap when the air starts to cool in the evenings.

Pattern is available on Craftsy and Etsy for only $6.50!
What's there to crow about?  Order it today! 

July 20, 2016

Redwing Blackbirds~~New Pattern

Announcing a new pattern!  Redwing Blackbirds!

I actually have a confession to make.  A variation of these birds are in my upcoming pattern called Summer Crush. I had so much fun making them, i veered off course a bit and came up with this first! 

Quick to make!  Once you make one Redwing Blackbird, you'll fly through the others!  Wall hanging size 40" x 38"

They are whimsical and fun!  A few birds are found standing on top of each other while some sit and relax on the comfort of another's back.

I played around with color and made a couple blue birds...
I Googled the species and come up with this picture

Okay, okay, mine don't look like the real thing...but then again, they are not real. Lol

Let's give these blue birds a hand! 
I purposely changed the direction of the sitting bird's tail (above)  from the written pattern, just to see how it looks.  I like it a lot.  It's kind of fun to play around and change it up a bit!

Pattern available now!  You'll find it on Craftsy and Etsy!

June 21, 2016

And the Winners Are.....

What a nice response to my Tulip Crush Give~Away!  Thank you all for entering!  

Here are the winners!  
My favorite season is spring. It is always such a relief after winter. I love your tulips. Thanks for the chance to win.
Your pattern is beautiful. Would look great in any fabric line! I like Spring and Summer, but my favorite would have to be summer. Maybe because our Ohio winters are so long and cold.
Spring, so glad winter is over and then it has to be fall. Who doesn't love all of the beautiful colors that come with the fall season? Thanks for the fun!!
For me, I think Spring is my favorite - I like the cooler days, the bursts of color, and some of the activities we do in the Spring. 
I have to pick Spring, when everything is just starting to come to life again. Plus, I'm not a big "hot weather" fan, and summer in Eastern Washington is just HOT!. I love your tulips, and those flowers just make me think SPRING!!! Thanks for the opportunity

On another quilt worthy note....
I want to share a fun friendship quilt with you.

Quilting was done by my longarm friend Judy who sold me her longarm machine and taught me how! 

I have no idea where i found this backing, but it's perfect!

Craftsy published my recent blog post titled, Common Threads:  How To Plan a Friendship Quilt Project
Click on the blue link and read how you and a couple of your quilting friends can make your own unique Friendship quilt!  

Here's a look at a recent Springtime Friendship quilt made by Diane!  It was super fun to make together!  Read How!
Do you see some of my Tulip's?  I made them specifically for our Springtime Friendship quilt...and from there...Tulip Crush was hatched! 

Hope this inspires you!  Leave a message on my Craftsy post...i love feedback!  Let me know what you and your friends will make together!  

June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice // Give~Away!

But first....

I'm working on a new pattern called 'Summer Crush''s a glimpse
I love this background fabric!!!  It's called Sunday's Best by Kim Diehl.  I'm still in the designing stages of Summer Crush...but if you think you might want to make this new pattern, using Sunday's Best...I'd purchase 2 yards.  {pattern will be available in July}
I purchased 3-1/2...cuz i think i can use it in many quilts! I love it that much!! 
You can find it at Piecing The Past Quilts  
Right now, Debbie is having a store wide 20% off sale!!

Back to the drawing...
At the end of today (Pacific Standard Time) i will draw 5 names, each will receive a copy of my Tulip Crush quilt pattern.

To enter the drawing...visit my Tulip Crush blog post and leave a comment there!  Include your email address too!  :)

Pattern includes lap size quilt and pillow instructions...and can easily be made into a table topper or mug rug too!

I'll announce the winners tomorrow

June 14, 2016

Tulip Crush Pattern Give~Away!

Ready to say good bye to Spring?  I am!  And to celebrate the passing season, i am having a Give~Away until June 20th!  Which by the way, IS the first day of SUMMER!!  Yay!  
okay okay...the binding is not stitched onto the back in this photo...Lol

But it is now!  Yay me!

Tulip Crush Quilt measures 54" x 72"

It looks good from every angle!  I just love it!

I've combined the new Tulip Crush Quilt pattern with the Tulip Crush Pillow pattern and together they sell for $8.50  Now available on Craftsy and Etsy!

Made from the smaller tulips in the pillow pattern, Karen Green from K's Quilting Korner whipped up this awesome mug rug!  I love the bright cheerful whimsical look! Thank you Karen for sharing your tulips and photo with me!  :)
A simple row of tulips facing opposite directions would make a great runner too!

If you would like to enter the Give~Away to win a Tulip Crush Quilt and Pillow pattern...answer this question in the comment section below....
What's your favorite season?  Spring or Summer?  Leave your email too!  :)
Mine, hands down is Summer!  
Give~Away ends midnight June 20th Pacific Standard Time.
I'll draw 5 names!

Oh...and ps...i have a Summer Crush pattern coming out in July!


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